Love Your Lips

As we age, many of us tend to concentrate on eye wrinkles and sagging facial jowls – but often neglect to realize that smooth beautiful lips can make you look younger too. Thinning, wrinkling, and loss of definition is what happens to our lips as we age. Lip augmentation is a common procedure that restores… Read More »

Say Goodbye to Sun Spots

We all remember the days when we would put on the baby oil and sit in the sun for hours. Well if you are like most, that nice bronzed tan has turned into not so attractive brown spots and the damage has started becoming visible. Now there’s a way to reverse those aging signs and… Read More »

Laser Hair Reduction

Unwanted hair is a woman’s worst nightmares! Traditional hair removal techniques, such as shaving and waxing only provide temporary relief. Laser hair removal is much more effective and safely removes unwanted body hair without damaging the delicate pores and structure of the skin. How does it work?? The laser emits a strong beam of light… Read More »

Sunscreen Is Your Best Anti-Aging Product

While most of us know sunscreen reduces the risk of skin cancer, did you also know it’s an amazing beauty secret that can help keep skin looking young? The reason, say experts, is that when sunscreen blocks out the sun’s damaging rays, it also blocks their aging effects. The sun affects collagen production in the… Read More »

Chemical Peels

The chemical peel is one of the oldest cosmetic procedures in the world, and was performed in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome to help people achieve smoother, more beautiful skin. Here are 9 great benefits of chemical peels: 1. Reduction or removal of blotchy patches. Skin blotches can create a dull complexion, and typically do… Read More »

Get The Skinny On Zerona Laser Treatments

The FDA-approved, non-invasive body-contouring laser that instantly eliminates unwanted fat is finally here and the results are in! Zerona® Laser Treatments have proven to provide incredible results. Zerona® Laser Treatments have the ability to shrink you down nearly 2-3 sizes in just 4 weeks! Zerona® Laser Treatments are applied while you are comfortably relaxing, as… Read More »

Clean Skin with the Clarisonic

Clarisonic has developed the sonic technology proven to gently yet effectively loosen dirt and oil to clear your pores. The Sonic Skin Cleansing System uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth your skin. It helps to improve the appearance of skin tone and reduces the… Read More »

Stay Hydrated!

The ability to retain and hold moisture is a secret to youthful, healthy, vibrant skin. Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in the deeper layers of our skin (the dermis). It helps to keep skin smooth and “plump” through its ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Aging robs us of this innate… Read More »

Applying a Flawless Mineral Foundation

A lot of women (and men) have discovered the benefits of using mineral make-up as opposed to the traditional liquid foundation, or powder. Mineral make-up doesn’t contain the chemicals that cause some people to break out, or aggravate sensitive skin conditions. There’s a trick to applying this type of foundation, but it can look natural… Read More »

The Holiday Peel

The Illuminize Peel, a skin brightening treatment for the holidays. The holidays are here and now is a great time to have a skin rejuvenation treatment that will freshen up your skin and leave you with a radiant glow! The cooler temperatures and dry air can make it hard to keep skin looking fresh and… Read More »

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