Aging Through the Decades - 50s+

BOTOX® | Chemical Peels | Woodbury MN | St Paul MNHopefully you are an old pro; well versed in Botox Cosmetic, dermal fillers and photofacials, but if you are late to begin the fight, just remember it's never to late to save your face. If you haven't started using dermal fillers in your mid 40s, then it is your new best friend now in your 50s.

Expression lines no longer disappear after you stop smiling or squinting; pores are more visible, especially on the nose and cheeks. You're likely to have developed age spots from sun damage. Menopause is a cause of many skin problems, including extreme dryness and acne.

By 50, skin cell turnover takes twice as long as it did at age 20. In office skincare every month is of utmost importance during this time. Dermaplaning and customized peels will help minimize your pores, diminish the appearance of dull skin, and allow moisturizer to penetrate better to combat the dryness.

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